Submitted by Spectre

Billionaire Ransom
aka Take Down

Kyle Hartmann (Jeremey Sumpter) helps the group of kids escape and they begin to systematically take out the mercenaries with the survival training they had been taught before their capture.

Keiko (Yuho Yamashita) dies of blood loss from a wound she sustained while escaping into the forest.

Cornered by remaining hostage taker Billy Specks (Ed Westwick), he and Kyle fight, leading Kyle to throw him off a cliff, and impaling him on a piece of wreckage.

As the authorities arrive, Amy (Phoebe Tonkin) who had recovered Specks’ satellite phone, calls it, and finds out her stepfather Jonathan was behind the whole plot as a means to get at the inheritance she was going to receive from her late father. Jonathan is taken into custody. Amy and Kyle embrace.