Submitted by Ali D

The infected sheep attack the investors at Angus’ (Peter Feeney) presentation, turning them into human-sheep hybrids. Angus escapes into his home where his brother Henry (Nathan Meister), “Experience” (Danielle Mason) and Mrs Mac (Glennis Levestram) are all sheltering. Angus plans to escape using the old bi-plane but Henry confronts him mortally wounding him with the plane’s prop. Tucker (Tammy Davis) arrives with an antidote that cures Henry and makes Angus revert back to his human form. Angus moves towards a crowd of the infected sheep who rip him to shreds. Henry tosses a lighter into the crowd making the sheep explode due to all the methane they’re producing (farting).

Later on, Henry and Tucker are dispensing the antidote to the rest of the infected humans, with the help of Mrs Mac and “Experience”. Henry and Tucker are now running the farm with their help.