Submitted by Evil Ed

A blackhat is a computer hacker who’s only goal is to cause chaos and destruction. 

A hacker causes a Hong Kong nuclear powerplant’s coolant pumps to shut down and the reactor overheats and explodes. Then, there is a hack on The Chicago Mercantile Exchange.

Nicholas Hathaway (Chris Hemsworth), an American cybercriminal, is given a temporary release to work with a joint U.S.-Chinese task force to find the hacker.

Kassar (Ritchie Coster) is a mercenary that works for the hacker. The task force trails him, but Kassar is always one step ahead of them. The confrontations culminate in Hong Kong as Hathaway is about to flee for illegally hacking an NSA program in order to keep the investigation going. Kassar kills Chinese agent Dawai (Leehom Wang), Hathwaway’s friend from college, as well as FBI agent Barrett (Viola Davis) and Marshal Jessup (Holt McCallany).

Hathaway and his lover Chen Lien (Tang Wei) discover that the nuclear plant hack was merely a test to see if the hacker could shut down the pumps at a river dam in Indonesia. The river is being diverted so that five tin mines can operate. By shutting down the pumps in the dam, the river will flood the mines causing tin prices to skyrocket. The hacker intends to use the money he made hacking the Exchange to make a fortune.

Hathaway and Chen manage to break into the hacker’s bank account and divert the money to a secret location. Hathaway arranges a face-to-face meeting with the hacker during a crowded Jakarta parade to negotiate return of the money. Hathaway kills the hacker as well as Kassar and some other goons, but is injured. Chen manages to get Hathaway’s wounds treated and the two fly out of Indonesia with the hacker’s money still in the back account that they created.