Submitted by Tornado Dragon

With help from his brother Kevin, who puts on the costume he made for him and becomes (the later billed) “The Other Guy,” Darryl/Blankman brings down Minelli and gets him taken to jail, avenging the deaths of his robot friend J-5 and Mayor Harris, but most of all his grandmother. The city gives Darryl and Kevin a ticker tape parade, and the new mayor awards Darryl the Harris Award for outstanding community service while Kevin just receives a Blankman T-shirt, much to his disgust.

Later, after the crowd has dispersed, Darryl and Kevin meet up with Kimberly so Darryl can introduce himself to her without his costume. As they make light conversation, she fakes seeing a purse snatcher, prompting Darryl to take off in the direction she points in and confirming her belief that he is Blankman. They then kiss, and Darryl goes into the same spasms of pleasure he went into when she had twice earlier kissed him as Blankman.

After Darryl/Blankman (Damon Wayans) fails to save the life of Mayor Harris (Christopher Lawford) from a bag of bombs Minelli (Jon Polito) put in the bank despite a valiant effort, the crowd that witnessed the explosion turn on Darryl and chase him away. Public opinion of Blankman sinks very low, and the crestfallen Darryl decides to retire from crimefighting and ends up getting a job at McDonald’s in an attempt to live a “normal” life.

Later on, Stone (Jason Alexander) – Kevin’s (David Alan Grier) obnoxious boss at the Hard Edition tabloid – has a private meeting with Minelli and tells him that, if he grants him an exclusive interview, he will help him get Blankman. After Minelli accepts the offer, Stone tells him about how Blankman has feelings for the news reporter Kimberly Jonz (Robin Givens). Kimberly is then shown doing research on Minelli and how he connects with the death of Darryl and Kevin’s grandmother, but when she calls Kevin up to tell him what she has figured out, Minelli appears with a gun pointed at her. He takes the phone and – believing that he is talking to Blankman – tells Kevin that he’d better come down to the TV station or else an unpleasant fate will befall her. Kevin rushes down to the McDonald’s were Darryl works and alerts him to the situation, but Darryl refuses to become Blankman again. However, after Kevin informs him that Minelli is their grandmother’s killer, he changes his mind, and Kevin tells him that he will back him up this time. Darryl agrees to be the hero again so long as Kevin wears the costume he had made for him. They then head to Darryl’s hideout, suit up, and go to the TV station.

Minelli runs out of patience waiting for Blankman to come, so he decides to do away with both Kimberly and Stone. Before he can put a bullet in Kimberly first, Darryl and Kevin come crashing in, and they fight Minelli’s henchmen until Minelli holds them up at gunpoint. He forces them into a lottery number box and has it slowly filled with water, plus he has Kimberly and Stone chained up, and tells them that he has placed a secret bomb somewhere that will destroy the whole building in five minutes. Soon after he leaves, Darryl’s robot friend J-5 – whom he had waiting in reserve – comes in and gets Darryl and Kevin free from the box before they can drown, and then the three of them set off to find the bomb. They find another bag full of bombs in a ladies’ bathroom, and Darryl converts J-5 to “bomb disposal mode” and stuffs all of them inside it. They then free Kimberly, but Kevin – wanting to mess around with Stone for being such a horrible boss – pretends that they couldn’t find the bomb and has Darryl leave Stone behind. Once they get outside, the bombs explode inside J-5, and though the blast is largely suppressed, it is strong enough to turn J-5 to scrap. This strengthens Darryl’s resolve to nab Minelli.

Darryl and Kevin find Minelli’s headquarters and announce their presence, but Kevin soon gets shot by one of Minelli’s men because his costume is not bulletproof like Darryl’s is. Darryl single-handedly trounces Minelli’s goons, but then Minelli is shown with his gun pointed at Kevin’s head. Thankfully, Darryl activates his hidden rocket-powered roller blades and sends himself right at Minelli, and he disarms him before pushing him down onto a cart and sending him through boxes and doors right outside into a waiting armored police truck, and Minelli is taken to jail.

Days later, Darryl and Kevin receive a ticker tape parade from the city for their heroism (and Kevin gets named “The Other Guy” by the media), and the new mayor awards Darryl the Harris Award for outstanding community service while Kevin only gets a Blankman T-shirt, much to his disgust. After the crowd has dispersed, Kevin and Darryl meet up with Kimberly out of their costumes so she can get acquainted with Darryl. After they have some light conversation, Kimberly fakes seeing a purse snatcher, prompting Darryl to run in the direction she points in and confirming to her that he is Blankman. She kisses him, and he goes into spasms of pleasure like how he did when she kissed him as Blankman on two previous occasions while she and Kevin laugh at him.