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Farid and Elias are the only ones to survive the vampire outbreak on the flight and they safely make it off the plane after an emergency landing. Elias’ mother Nadja (the original vampire) manages to protect them from the other vampires, but in so doing, succumbs to her own bloodthirsty nature and loses her humanity. As the sun sets, Elias has no choice but to detonate the explosives on the plane to kill all the vampires, including his mother.

Long Ending:
A hijacked plane makes an emergency landing in Scotland and emergency teams (cameo by Graham McTavish) recover a boy named Elias (Carl Anton Koch) after he crawls out of the cargo hold. Unable to contact anyone else on the plane but the presumed hijacker, a man named Farid (Kais Setti), they begin interrogating Elias.

Hours earlier, Elias and his mother Nadja (Peri Baumeister) board a plane bound from Europe to the US. Nadja plans to undergo a medical procedure to cure a blood disease she suffers from. After the plane takes off, it is hijacked by a group of mercenaries, including the co-pilot. In order to trick the authorities, the hijackers force the Muslim passengers onboard (including Farid) to record a message that makes it seem like the Muslim passengers perpetrated the hijacking and are demanding a ransom. Once the ransom is paid, the hijackers plan to parachute out and let the authorities either shoot down the plane or let the now un-piloted plane crash in the ocean. Unnerved by the mercenaries, Elias runs from his seat and Nadja runs after him. One of the hijackers shoots Nadja, seemingly killing her. Farid convinces them not to shoot Elias and he helps calm the boy down.

In a flashback, we learn that Nadja, her husband, and an infant Elias were once stranded in their car during a snowstorm. Nadja’s husband walks off in search of help, but never returns. Nadja eventually takes Elias and follows her husband’s footprints to a decrepit farmhouse. There, she is attacked and bitten by a vampire (and finds her husband has been killed by them). She escapes when the vampire is killed by the rising sun. Due to the bite, however, Nadja herself turns into a vampire. She finds a drug that helps keep her bloodlust in check and her humanity intact. She was traveling to the US in hopes her condition could be treated.

The vampiric Nadja, not able to be killed by bullets, crawls nto the cargo hold and regains her strength after drinking the blood of some dogs kenneled therein. She also kills one of the hijackers and drinks his blood. However, having tasted blood, Nadja begins turning into a monster and losing her humanity.

Nadja manages to take control of the cockpit and sets the plane back on its course. The hijackers threaten to kill passengers unless she returns control to them. With no choice, a monstrous Nadja exits the cockpit and kills the hijackers’ leader. During the fight, one of the hijackers manages to get himself turned into a vampire and infects his fellow hijackers. They eventually turn the remaining passengers except Farid and Elias into vampires. The heroic trio lock themselves in the cockpit where Farid prepares to make an emergency landing. Upon landing, Farid plans to let Nadja and Elias out before manually detonating explosives brought by the hijackers (thus incinerating all the vampires, but also sacrificing himself). Not wanting Farid to die, Elias manages to crawl through an air duct into the cargo hold where the hijackers’ remote detonator is. Before he can return, the vampires discover Elias and begin chasing him. Nadja makes Farid promise to care for Elias and then exits the cockpit to save him. Although Nadja manages to kill the lead evil vampire and ward off the others while Elias manages to find safety in a patch of sunlight streaming through a hole made in the plane during the various fighting. Unfortunately, having consumed so much blood, Nadja fully loses her humanity and disappears into the bowels of the plane. Farid then manages to land the plane (reaching the beginning of the film).

The police don’t believe Elias’ story and decide to storm the plane. A special forces team infiltrates the plane, breaches the cockpit, and drags Farid out in their custody. They then begin searching the plane. Meanwhile, Elias escapes the ambulance he’s in and runs towards the plane. The vampires eventually ambush and slaughter the special forces. As Elias approaches the plane, the sun sets and Nadja emerges. Fully a monster, she runs at Elias, intending to devour him. A tearful Elias uses the remote detonator to ignite the explosives, killing all the vampires as well as his mother. The remaining police, now accepting the truth, release Farid. He and Elias embrace as the credits roll.

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