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The sequel to Red Stone

Having survived the events of the first film, Nick Boon (Neal McDonough) has tried to live under the radar, though not without having to kill several assassins sent by his former employer, Haywood. Having killed another, though wounded in the process, Boon is nursed to health by widower Catherine (Christiane Seidel) and her son Elijah (Jake Melrose). Catherine and her son are forced by local crime boss Mr. Fitzgerald (Tommy Flanagan) and his sociopathic daughter in law Emilia (Christina Ochoa) into letting a tunnel be built on their land as payment for her now deceased husband asking for the man who drove drunk and killed their daughter to be killed as well.

Realizing that Fitzgerald plans to have the mother and son killed as soon as he gets what he wants from them, Boon races to help them as he is cornered by Agent Redd (Demetrius Grosse). However, Emilia and five gunmen arrive, intending to have Boon and the others killed. A gunfight ensues, with Boon and Redd killing the gunmen though Redd is killed by Emilia. Emilia fights Boon, planning to finish him, only to be shot dead by Catherine. Catherine, who had been stabbed by Emilia, is tended to by Boon until help arrives. Wounded himself, Boon escapes into the tunnel Fitzgerald had made.

In a mid credits scene, Fitzgerald is in his office when he feels the presence of Boon. Boon walks from the corner and kills Fitzgerald, to ensure the safety of Catherine and her son.

01 hours 35 minutes