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Cultural Learnings of America For Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan

Borat marries the prostitute.

Borat (Sacha Baron Cohen) goes to the United States with his producer Azamat Bagatov (Ken Davitian) to learn how to resolve the problems in his home country of Kazakhstan. Almost immediately upon arrival, we learn that Borat’s wife was killed in Kazakhstan, which makes Borat very happy because he can now pursue the girl of his dreams: CJ from Baywatch (Pamela Anderson), and decides he will travel across America by car to get to her in California. 

Borat continues his mission along the way, speaking with real people about different things, such as the Feminist movement, Humor, and Dinner Etiquette. Borat attends a dinner party where he orders a call girl to come for dessert. The hosts are obivously offended by this and kindly kick him out. When he returns the call girl to her home, he declines sex because he is now in love with Pamela. After some misfortunes and delays, Borat and Azamat make it to a nice hotel, where Borat catches Azamat making “self-sexy-time” with a picture of Borat’s love, he chases Azamat (both of them naked) through the hotel, crashing a presentation in one of the ballrooms. The INS gives Borat and Azamat oneway tickets back to Kazakhstan in hopes they will never return. But Borat decides to stay and continue his pursuit.

Azamat leaves Borat with nothing but a few dollars in his pocket, and Borat continues his journey by foot. Fortunately, he meets with some college students of Psi Chi, who help him knock off a few miles. However, they break Borat’s heart in showing him that Pamela is not the young virgin he thought her to be.

Now a truly lost and broken man, Borat makes his way into a meeting of born-again Christians, who inspire in Borat a faith in Jesus Christ, and the good people wire him a bus ticket to LA. There, he finds Azamat performing at Mann’s Chinese Theatre dressed as Oliver Hardy. Borat forgives Azamat as Jesus would want him to, and the two make their way to the book signing event with Pam Anderson. Borat decides to marry her Kazakh style, so when she initially refuses, Borat attempts to kidnap her. She fights back and runs off as security tackle Borat to the ground. Then Borat realizes that the woman he loved was the call girl he hired back near the beginning of the movie. They go back to Kazakhstan as a happy married couple while Borat singlehandedly reforms the Kazakh people into a non-cruel, kind, and happy country.