Submitted by Tornado Dragon

Reverend Current (Chris Sarandon) is revealed to be the one in charge of the bordello hidden in the mortuary along with Vincent (Phil Fondacaro), but Lilith (Angie Everhart) encourages Vincent to take full control of the bordello and branch out into other areas. Because of this encouragement, Vincent steals the relic used to subdue Lilith from Current’s safe. Current confronts Lilith & Vincent at a strip club, demanding the relic back, but Vincent smashes it to pieces. Katherine (Erika Eleniak), who was in the strip club shooting a documentary about lust and briefly interviewed Lilith, realizes Rafe (Dennis Miller) was on to something about the activities that went on in the mortuary when the tape shows that Lilith did not record.

After she and Rafe review the evidence at her home, where Rafe tells her they were probably dealing with vampires, she gets a call from her thought-to-be-dead brother Caleb (Corey Feldman), telling her to come get him at the power plant. When she and Rafe arrive, Caleb reveals that he is now a vampire and attacks them. Rafe escapes and gets arrested by Deputy Noonan (Eric Keenleyside), but Katherine is caught by Caleb, Vincent, and Vincent’s assistant McCutcheon (Aubrey Morris) and brought to the mortuary. Rafe gets strapped down to a hospital bed and has a spot of trouble with vampire whore Tamara (Kiara Hunter) after she kills Noonan, but Rafe frees himself and kills Tamara.

Current arrives at the mortuary that night, saying he wanted to join Vincent and Lilith, but Vincent doesn’t buy it and looks to kill him. Rafe then crashes through the mortuary’s doors in his car and kills McCutcheon and Vincent. Current reveals to Rafe that he was there to try and kill Lilith, and shows him the dynamite in his coat. Rafe hands him some squirt guns filled with holy water, and Current tells him that although these would work against the lesser vampires, the only way to kill Lilith was by splitting her heart into four pieces.

They enter the bordello, taking out all of the vampire whores as well as Caleb and freeing Katherine, but Lilith fatally wounds Current. Before he dies, Current tells Rafe & Katherine to head back to the church studio and broadcast to the world the dangers of the bordello. When they attempt to do so, Lilith arrives and stops them, and they duke it out with her before Katherine impales her through the chest with a studio decoration, making her heart exit out her body in four pieces and killing her.

With the aid of a Jewish rabbi, Rafe & Katherine have Lilith’s remains consecrated for good. As they begin to spoon in the car afterwards, Rafe notices Katherine is wearing a “strange perfume,” and then sees two puncture marks on her inner left thigh. She reveals she is wearing sunblock, and then she sprouts fangs and bites Rafe. The camera pans away as Rafe screams.