Submitted by Spectre

Boy (Bill Skarsgard) has been trained for years by The Shaman (Yayan Ruhian) with one goal; to kill Hilda Van De Koy (Famke Janssen) and bring down her corrupt despotic government. Boy has a personal vendetta against Hilda as she killed his mother and beloved sister.

Boy joins up with two resistance fighters Basho (Andrew Koji) and Benny (Isaiah Mustafa) to kill Hilda. They later save Boy from execution but both are ultimately killed by Melanie (Michelle Dockey). Boy kills Melanie and Gideon (Brett Gellman) and goes to confront Hilda.

Hilda tells Boy the truth. She is actually his mother and her main enforcer June 27 (Jessica Rothe) is long lost Sister Mina. Boy remembers that his mother forced him to shoot at The Shaman and his son, killing his son and two other people. Guilt ridden, Boy ran into the forest, before The Shaman captured him. The Shaman proceeded to brainwash Boy onto his path to vengeance.

Not getting an acknowledgment out of Boy, Hilda tells June 27/Mina to kill him but she kills her mother instead when she realizes Boy remembers her. The two fight through their mother’s men only to be confronted by The Shaman who wants June 27 dead as well. Boy eventually kills The Shaman to protect his sister. June 27 tells Boy to run but he refuses to leave her behind and drags her out of the compound. Boy narrates they will find a way out of the city. With the majority of the Koy family dead, the regime will ultimately fall, hopefully leading to peace for the first time in years.

01 hours 55 minutes