Submitted by Spectre

Vera (Nikki Florettti) has been held captive in a remote house by Matt (Hauke Bahr) for two years. Matt has spent this time trying to condition Vera into loving him, alternately sweet and violent. Vera plays along to a point, but still tries to keep her sanity and hopefully try to escape.

One night, a few days after their two year “anniversary”, Vera tries to make her move with a hidden knife. She hesitates stabbing Matt, and he was waiting on her to try something. Vera escapes the house and almost makes it, but Matt catches her and headbutts her unconscious.

Matt proceeds to start his conditioning all over again. As he leaves Vera to clean up her wounds, Vera begins to speak a mantra. Normally, she noted she was strong, a prisoner, who did not love Matt who she called a monster. Instead, she says she likes her home and loves Matt. Matt ultimately has succeeded in breaking Vera’s will and now has the subservient captive he always wanted.