Submitted by Ann Marie 'Crappy' F

During the persecution of ruptured and auto-immune silicone breast implant patients, Dr. William Larson (Chris Cooper) dies of what seems like a heart attack while watching himself on TV. Dr. Kevin Saunders (David Schwimmer) has to deal with the loss in wage and purpose. He is running a general practice clinic until a former patient, Laura Pierson (Emily Proctor) comes to him for breast implant removal. Light bulb!

Dr. Saunders has a beautiful clinic for silicon breast implant removal with saline implant option. While the women shown see that this doctor made money implanting the silicon then removing the silicon and implanting saline but they do it.

It seems that Dr. Saunders has everything. While driving in his red Corvette talking on his car phone he’s distracted by a busty lady in the car next to him. This distraction leads him to drive into an intersection so a large vehicle can T-bone him and flip his car.

01 hours 35 minutes