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The movie is split into heaven, earth and hell so here is my synopsis of each piece:

Dan (Heath Ledger) and Candy (Abbie Cornish) get deep into intravenous heroin use. They borrow money from the close friend, Casper (Geoffrey Rush), Dan asks Candy’s Dad for money while Candy steals a bill from her Mom’s kitchen. The turning point is when Candy has sex with the pawn shop owner for money. Then they get married.

They are leaving the ‘bohemian lifestyle’ and getting into being heavy drug users. Candy starts prostituting herself to support her and Dan’s habits. Dan steals a guy’s wallet and gets money from his credit cards through the bank.

Candy gets pregnant. They get a new flat. They detox which makes Candy lose the baby.

Candy gets back into hooking and they continue the drug use.

They decide to move out to the country to give methadone a try. Dan is doing hard labour work while Candy stays at home. Candy become friendly with a local vendor and spends all night out. Candy is starting to snap. Candy writes a poem on the walls and is nowhere to be seen when Dan comes home from work. When Candy comes home she finds that Dan has gone to Caspers. Candy has a nervous breakdown. Candy’s parents drive Dan to the hospital.

When Dan leaves the hospital he goes back to Casper’s to find he has died of an overdose.

Candy cleans up in the hospital. Dan gets his life together. Dan is a dishwasher in a Chinese restaurant. Candy wants to get together with Dan and start over clean. Dan turns her down.

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