Submitted by Tornado Dragon

Captain America (Matt Salinger) enters the Red Skull’s (Scott Paulin) fortress and saves President Kimball (Ronny Cox), and then the two of them team up to outwit and incapacitate some of the Red Skull’s goons. Kimball also gets hold of a phone and calls in the U.S. Marines to come to the fortress, and he encounters General Fleming (Darren McGavin) and punches him unconscious for betraying both him and his country.

Captain America finds the Red Skull on one of the higher floors, with his daughter Valentina (Francesca Neri) holding Sharon (Kim Gillingham) at gunpoint. After a distracting series of gunshots between Kimball and two of the Red Skull’s henchmen, Sharon gets free and heads to the top floor with Valentina in pursuit, and Captain America and the Red Skull duke it out. The battle eventually results in a chase up to the top floor, and Captain America finds the Red Skull at his piano holding an explosives detonator. He throws his shield at him, but misses, and it lands out of his reach.

Valentina and Sharon show up, and Valentina shoots Captain America. As Sharon takes her down, the tape player containing the audio track of the Red Skull’s family being killed the night he was taken and mutated falls from her purse. Captain America plays the tape, and as the Red Skull is lost in his thoughts over it, it gives Captain America the chance to retrieve his shield. He throws it at the Red Skull, sending him over the fortress wall before he can press the detonator. He violently bounces down the cliffside before falling into the sea. Valentina then grabs hold of her father’s machine gun, but before she can kill Captain America, the shield returns and decapitates her. The U.S. Marines then show up to get the good guys to safety.

The movie closes with a comic book image of Captain America, and the voiceover of a newscaster saying that President Kimball got 116 nations to agree to his environmental protection treaty, and in a brief statement after the signing, he gave his thanks to Captain America for being a key person that helped make this happen.