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Bob’s partner Phil is the real Black Badger, the access codes are recovered and Calvin gets a job at the CIA.

Long Version: 
20 years ago Calvin Joyner (Kevin Hart) was the only person to help overweight and bullied Robbie Wierdick (Dwayne Johnson) when bullies strip him naked in front of an assembly by giving him his letter jacket. Today Robbie has changed his name to Bob Stone and is with the CIA trying to track  the Black Badger who killed his partner and stole the access codes to the CIA spy satellites which they sold on an anonymous auction site. The CIA tells Calvin that Bob is the Black Badger, killed his own partner and is trying to use him to get to the trade off point.

Calvin Joyner uses his skills as a forensic accountant to get information on the winning bid and location of the trade off. Bob’s dead partner, Phil (Aaron Paul), shows up and both Bob and Phil claim to be the Black Badger and try to sell the buyer a USB of the access codes. Calvin steals both cards and runs off. Phil and Bob both confront him, saying that the other is the Black Badger and start to fight.

Calvin shoots Bob and as he’s lying there Phil confesses that he’s actually the Black Badger and he faked his own death to get away from Bob’s constant idolizing of Calvin from high school. Calvin then distracts Phil while Bob recovers and takes him out. The access codes are returned to the CIA and Bob’s name is cleared just in time for them to go back to their 20th high school reunion in a CIA helicopter.

Calvin hacks the school computer system to arrange for Bob to win the reunion homecoming king crown. He punches out his high school bully on the way to the stage where he strips naked in front of the class to address facing your fears (bullies and nudity). He then meets up with his high school crush (Melissa McCarthy) and dances with her. 

The movie ends with Calvin starting his first day of work at the CIA and Bob returning his letter jacket from high school.