Submitted by Jeremy

In the near future, a Second Civil War has broken out across the United States, with states like Texas and California seceding in the wake of the corrupt President’s administration and creating the Wester Forces militia, and Loyalist states forming their own militia to take out any adversaries. Four journalists – Lee (Kirsten Dunst), Joel (Wagner Moura), Sammy (Stephen McKinley Henderson), and Jessie (Cailee Spaeny) – take a trip through the war zones from New York to Washington DC to try and get an interview with the President (Nick Offerman).

On their journey, the group comes across many war-torn parts of the country, while Jessie and Lee bond since Jessie has always viewed Lee as an inspiration for becoming a photojournalist. After coming across Loyalist gunmen who kill two Hong Kong reporters that Joel was friends with, Sammy runs the gunmen over and saves his friends but ends up taking a bullet and dies before the group meets with Western Forces soldiers. Learning that many Loyalist generals have surrendered only enrages Joel for all the pointless trouble they went through, including losing Sammy.

Lee, Joel, and Jessie join the WF as they storm Washington with the goal of capturing and killing the President. After making their way inside, Lee is killed after saving Jessie from getting shot by Secret Service. Joel and Jessie enter the Oval Office as soldiers have taken the President down. He begs Joel for mercy, but he and Jessie watch as the President is executed, and Jessie captures a picture of it for the press.

01 hours 49 minutes