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Craig and Derek defeat and kill their clones. Craig then chooses to be with Tracy’s clone, leaving the original Tracy trapped at the cabin.

Long Ending:
The film opens with a married couple living in a remote cabin. During a thunderstorm, lightning strikes the cabin’s septic system and out of the waste climb two clones of the married couple. The clones quickly murder the originals.

A short time later, a couple named Craig (Alexander Nifong) and Tracy (Stella Maeve) and their friend Derek (J. Mallory McCree) go camping in the nearby woods. There is a lot of tension between Tracy (who has gone off to college) and Craig (who has a meek personality). During another storm, the trio break into the cabin all three use the bathroom (thus depositing their DNA into the septic system).

The trio are soon chased by the murderous clones of the couple, until they are saved by their own clones who have emerged from the septic tank. Their clones then begin trying to bond with the originals. We quickly learn that the clones are stronger than the originals, have all the memories of the originals, and have opposite personalities (i.e. the clones of Craig and Derek are much more confident, the clone of Tracy seems more emotional). The original Derek quickly leaves the house, but Craig and Tracy decide to stay and learn more about the clones.

The clones soon spill secrets, including that Derek has been stealing cash from Craig’s father’s business and that Tracy had a fling in college and was planning to break up with Craig during the campout. This causes the original Craig to become highly skeptical of his friends. They also learn that the house used to be owned by a scientist and the original Tracy and Craig find the scientist’s secret laboratory. Craig also sleeps with the Tracy clone (and loves it) while Tracy sleeps with the Craig clone (and hates it).

It becomes apparent that the clones view themselves as superior and intend to eventually kill the originals. The Tracy clone confides to the original Craig that she loves him. Eventually, the original Tracy and Craig decide to explore the secret lab (and are reunited with the original Derek, who has returned to help his friends). They find that the scientist was conducting illicit cloning experiments before being murdered by one of his own clones. The chemical he developed to clone people leaked out of the lab and into the septic tank (that when hit with electricity, kickstarted the cloning process). The clones find the lab and, over the cloned Tracy’s objection, try to burn the originals alive inside it. The originals escape through a secret passage and go back into the cabin.

Realizing that the clones will take over their lives if not stopped, the originals decide to make a last stand and kill their clones. They develop the code word “Marco” (as in Marco Polo) so that they can identify who is original and who is not. A fight ensues with each of the originals squaring off against their clones (and being separated from each other). After Derek and his clone kiss, Derek manages to kill his clone. He rushes off and after confirming which Craig is the original using the code word, helps Craig kill his clone. The two then run to the shoreline where they find Tracy standing alone. Derek asks for the code word but, before she can respond, Craig kisses her and he says this Tracy is the original. The trio embrace and leave together.

Some time later we see that the three friends are closer than ever and that Tracy and Craig have a renewed, passionate relationship. Craig gets a call and hears Tracy on the other line. This Tracy is somehow trapped in the cabin. She weeps and says the code word “Marco” over and over again (revealing that she is the original Tracy) while begging Craig to come get her. Craig simply hangs up the phone and then goes to make out with the clone Tracy as the credits roll.