Submitted by Tornado Dragon

Kathy (Kristin Minter) learns from her father Gordon (Michael Gross) one night about how he was being stalked by corrupt cops Clarke (Jack McGee) & Morrisey (S.A. Griffin) for $500,000 they say he owes them, and he tells her that he believes Johnny (Vanilla Ice) is in league with them because he saw him hanging around them, even though Johnny wasn’t affiliated with them. Because of this, she drives a rift between herself and Johnny the next day, resulting in him making preparations to leave town, and he gives Kathy back the ring she gave him.

Later in the day, Clarke & Morrisey abduct Kathy’s brother Tommy (Victor DiMattia) and leave an envelope on the doorstep. Johnny goes back to Kathy’s house on his friends’ encouragement just as she and her family notice that Tommy is missing, and after still feeling like Kathy was giving him the cold shoulder he hands Gordon the envelope on the doorstep. Gordon finds a tape inside and plays it, and it is Tommy’s voice telling him that he had to pay Clarke & Morrisey in 24 hours or he would never see him again. Gordon again mistakenly assumes Johnny is in on it, since he handed him the envelope, but this time Kathy doesn’t believe him. Kathy’s jealous boyfriend Nick (John Newton) arrives at the house, and further tarnishes Johnny’s name by saying that he saw Tommy on his motorcycle with him earlier on, even though Tommy did that of his own volition.

Gordon decides to call the cops, and Kathy rushes to Roscoe’s (Sydney Lassick) garage and finds Johnny and his crew are still there. She plays the tape for him, and Johnny realizes that Tommy was being held at the construction site they visited the previous day, due to the audible sound of a dump truck in the background, so they all head to his rescue. They find and beat up Clarke & Morrisey and get Tommy away from them unharmed. They return to town with Clarke & Morrisey tied up on the roof of their car, and Tommy is reunited with his family. Gordon thanks Johnny for saving his son, and Kathy gets her parents’ blessing to hang out with him. Nick arrives and tells her that it is over between them, which suits her just fine. Kathy then takes off with Johnny on his motorcycle. 

The last scene shows Johnny performing at a club, Kathy watching him, and at the end of the show she comes up on stage and hugs him.