Submitted by Robert W

Chev Chelios (Jason Statham) has been poisoned by crime lord Verona (Jose Pablo Cantillo) and given an hour to live, unless his adrenaline can keep his heart going.  So he spends the day driving a car through a mall, shooting various men, taking down Verona’s brother, and making love to his girl Eve (Amy Smart) in the middle of Chinatown, right in public.

However, Doc (Dwight Yoakam) soon notifies Chev that even with the adrenaline, he’s bound for a coma.  Chev asks for about one more hour of energy, and tries to strike a deal with Verona to get the antidote.  They meet up at a posh hotel, where Chev learns that Verona has partnered up with Carlito, his former employer.

Before Verona is able to inject Chev with any more poison, Don Kim, a gangster he was assigned to kill yet spared to start a new life with Eve, shows up with armed henchmen, and a big shootout takes place.  Carlito attempts to escape by helicopter, but Chev catches up to him.  Verona then stabs him with the syringe, and the rest of the poison, and he collapses.  Verona shoots Carlito and orders the pilot to take off.  Chev grabs on and the two struggle.

Chev pulls himself and Verona out of the helicopter, and then proceeds to snap his neck, killing him.  As he falls down to Earth, he calls Eve’s phone and leaves her a farewell message, only to come crashing down on a car and to the sidewalk.  However, as his limp, dead body lays, his heart continues to slowly beat…