Submitted by Tornado Dragon

Brad (Scott Grimes), Megan (Liane Curtis), Wesley (Tom Hodges), and Ug (Terrance Mann) lure all of the Crites to the local burger factory, and once they are inside, they blow the place up. However, just when they thought they killed them all, all of the Crites burst out of the main door together as a massive ball, and they proceed to roll back towards town to eat the townspeople holed up in the church.

Brad and Megan pursue the ball of Crites in a truck, and manage to knock it off its course just before it reaches the church. As it turns itself around for another attempt, Charlie (Don Opper) comes flying in in his spaceship, and he collides with the Crites, killing them all and seemingly himself. The townsfolk mourn Charlie, and Ug takes on Charlie’s appearance to honor him.

Some time later, Brad prepares to leave on a bus back home to Kansas City, with Sheriff Harv (Barry Corbin) coming along. Harv then suddenly spots the still-living Charlie coming up the street, who had survived by jumping out of the ship with a parachute moments before impact. Charlie decides to stay on Earth, so he hugs Ug goodbye, and Ug leaves in his spaceship. Brad kisses Megan, hugs Charlie goodbye, and boards the bus. Harv makes Charlie the new sheriff before the bus departs.