Submitted by Tornado Dragon

Most of the Crites are killed in various ways, either through the actions of the Brown family or the bounty hunters, but a couple of Crites and a Crite who has grown huge kidnap April (Nadine Van Der Velde) and take her to their spaceship, since they are going to leave Earth (April, assumingly, is their snack on the long trip).

Brad (Scott Grimes) goes after them, and runs into Charlie (Don Opper) along the way, who had been following the bounty hunters. They get to the spaceship, and Brad revives April and sends her to the exit. But, as he is lighting a dangerously explosive firecracker to blow the ship up with, the large Crite spots him, and the other Crites ready the ship for take-off. Brad evades the large Crite and escapes the ship with April, but drops his firecracker in the ship. As the ship is going up, Charlie ignites his liquor bottle and throws it into the door of the ship before it closes. Though the Crites blow up the Browns’ house to spite them, the fire caused by the liquor reaches the firecracker and blows it and the ship up, killing them.

The bounty hunters give Brad a strange remote-like device and head on back to their spaceship to leave Earth, and Charlie decides to go with them. When the Browns return to their destroyed house, the remote device starts beeping. Brad presses the button on it, and within a minute, their house is miraculously restored back to normal.

The camera soon pans to the barn, where Crite eggs are shown resting in the chicken coop….