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Lucy (Britney Spears) visits her mother Caroline (Kim Cattrall) in Arizona, who tells her that she was a mistake and that her father (Dan Aykroyd) made her have her. However, despite being officially rejected by her mother, Lucy falls for Ben (Anson Mount), and he with her.

When the group arrives in Los Angeles, Lucy sleeps with Ben, losing her virginity. Kit (Zoe Saldana) pays her fiancée Dylan (Richard Voll) a surprise visit at his apartment, with Mimi (Taryn Manning) in tow, but discovers him to be cheating on her. She then sees that he is holding a blue beer bottle, and remembers Mimi’s story about how, when she was drunk one night over Christmas, a man who drank from a blue bottle was the one who raped and impregnated her. That, along with how she saw Mimi react with disgust every time Dylan was mentioned and remembering how Dylan visited her the same night Mimi was raped sporting a rip in his shirt, makes her realize that Dylan is Mimi’s rapist. As Kit punches him, an emotional Mimi runs off down the nearby stairwell, but she trips and falls, and ends up suffering a miscarriage.

Lucy calls her father and tells him where she is, and he comes to take her and the others back home. That same day, Ben tells her that he managed to get a band together so they could participate in Slide Records’ recording contest, but she informs him that she can’t do it now because she is going home. The next day, just before Lucy gets into a cab with her father and her friends to go to the airport, Ben shows up, and the two hug each other goodbye. However, in the cab, Lucy soon tells her father not to make her run, like her mother, but to let her go. She then gets out of the cab, runs up to Ben, and kisses him.

At the contest, Lucy sings “I’m Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman” with Ben, Mimi, Kit, and the band backing her up, and it is a hit with the audience and the judges. The girls are last shown re-burying their box at a local beach, as a way of saying goodbye to their past.