Submitted by Nicholas S

Cry Wolf

“The Wolf” turns out to truly be a hoax put on by the other students in the “Liars Club” to scare Owen (Julian Morris). Things go awry, though, when Owen kills Professor Walker (Jon Bon Jovi) with a “shot to the heart,” thinking that he has killed all of his friends. The police arrest Owen, but release him when it is found out that Walker was in a relationship with Becky, the “townie” who dies in the beginning of the film, and the police match his gun to the crime. In the closing scene, Dodger (Lindy Booth) comes to apologize to Owen for what she has put him through, and he somehow realizes that Dodger has been manipulating everyone since the beginning of the movie to kill Walker, out of revenge for him cheating on her. ¬†Unfortunately, as Dodger points out, no one will ever believe him, and she walks away, scot-free.