Submitted by Spectre

Anthony Wagner (Robert Englund) and Madame Gordenko are the same person. Anthony has split personality and had killed the other dancers, plus a few others, out of psychosis, jealousy, and that so dancer Jessica Anderson (Michelle Zeitlin) who Anthony believes to be the reincarnation of his dancer lover, Svetlana, can represent the academy.

Jessica is coerced into performing by the mentally ill Anthony. As she performs, a defiant Jessica changes up her routine mid performance, saying she is “Not Svetlana” impressing the judges. Gordenko tries to take over Anthony and shoot Jessica, but Anthony resists out of guilt of his actions and love for Jessica/Svetlana. Ultimately, he jumps off the balcony to his death to protect her. As he dies, a shocked Jessica hears his final words; “You danced for me.”

01 hours 37 minutes