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A woman (Maria Tomei), who is fiercely protective of her family, begins to question her sanity after she starts having premonitions of death and disaster.

None of the events involving Danika’s premonitions have actually happened. Years ago, she discovered that her husband was having an affair with the family’s nanny. After confronting them at a motel, she drove away with her children. Danika was so upset about her perfect life being torn apart that she ran a red light. Her vehicle was struck by an oncoming school bus and the children were killed in the crash. The trauma of the accident caused her to have a nervous breakdown. Since then, she’s been a bag lady, wandering the streets while dreaming of another life. Everything in that other life (parents not protecting their children, the physical appearance of the psychiatrist, Danika losing her job, etc) stems from the events that led up to the “real-life” accident.