Submitted by Melissa S

During the Civil War, five men and a woman (William, Sam, Joseph, Toddy, Jeffy and Annabelle) rob a bank killing several people including Civil War soldiers and a little boy.

Taking three large bags of gold they travel toward an old deserted farm house. As they approach the farm house on horse back a large pink beast runs toward them out of a corn field, they shoot it but can’t figure out what it is. As they walk through the corn field toward the house they see a scarecrow that looks oddly human but don’t pay much attention.

Once inside the house the group is haunted by the ghosts of a family who had lived there. The mother of the family died of consumption, the father who was desperate to have her back murdered his slaves in a ritual to bring his wife from the dead but instead of resurrecting his wife it turned his children into demons, so he killed his children and hid their bodies on the farm grounds. When the towns people noticed his entire family was gone they tried to get him to tell them what he had done with his children. He tells the towns people that they would never find his children.

As punishment, the townspeople tied him to a cross in the cornfield, put a burlap bag over his head and he died on that cross, (he was the scarecrow they had passed in the corn field).

In the end all but Annabelle and William are killed by the ghosts. The two of them run into the cornfield to escape the ghosts and in the confusion they get separated and Annabelle is accidentally shot by William in the head. William sits by her body until sun-up and then runs out of the cornfield. Just as he reaches the edge of the cornfield he is shot and killed by civil war soldiers.

As they look down on him we see he is now one of the pink beasts exactly like the one they had shot the previous day. Having no idea that the beast is human, a couple of the soldiers walk toward the house to investigate what may be inside, as the rest of their troop move on without them.

It is implied they will be the next victims of the house.