Submitted by Tornado Dragon

After Rae (Nicole Kidman) manages to knock Hughie (Billy Zane) out with some of her sedatives and tie him up, she raises the sail on her ship and heads to John’s (Sam Neill) location. Meanwhile, John covers the entire deck of the schooner with gasoline, gets on a makeshift raft, and then lights the schooner on fire to signal for help. Rae spots the fire and goes straight for it.

Hughie wakes up and gets free of his bonds, and then starts breaking down the doors to get to Rae. However, Rae arms herself with a spear gun and meets him as he breaks down the main door. She shoots Hughie with the gun and then uses it to beat him unconscious. She then deploys an inflatable raft into the water, puts Hughie on it, and lets him drift away. She continues on towards John, and spots him on his raft asleep. Her searchlight wakes him, and as the boat passes him, she grabs his hands and pulls him up. They tearfully embrace and kiss. The next morning, they find the raft Rae put Hughie on, but discover that his body is missing. Rae then destroys the raft with flares.

Later on, after taking a swim, John washes Rae’s hair. He then hears the coffee pot hissing, so he heads down into the ship to get it. After the hissing ceases, we see a pair of bloody hands coming up behind Rae that resume washing her hair. She soon realizes it is Hughie, and he begins strangling her. John comes back up and sees what is happening, so he shoots a flare into Hughie’s mouth, which sets his head on fire and kills him. Hughie’s corpse falls into the sea, and the movie closes with John and Rae staring at it as it floats away.