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Attorney Charlie (Bryan Brown) plans to murder his rich wife Olivia (Anne De Salvo) with the help of his secretary and lover Laura (Teri Hatcher).

Charlie has a second, but “public” affair with Victoria (Veronica Cartwright), a former client who is a bit crazy but politically
well-connected. He then “reconciles” with his wife Olivia and has a “wonderful” vacation with her, so that she writes a postcard that she’s happy and in love, and also speaks this on the voicebox of a friend (so that the friend believes that she’s having a affair with someone as a revenge). Charlie then drowns his wife, and dumps the body with the help of Laura, and tells Laura to check into a hotel as his “wife”.

Shortly after that, he’s called by the police to identify his wife. However, the body is the one of his secretary Laura dressed as his wife, and the police ask him “where is your wife, Charlie” and he’s in trouble.

However, Victoria knows that he killed his wife because she’s jealous and had him followed. She gives him an alibi, but expects Charlie to marry her later. Lou Rescetti (Pruitt Taylor Vince), the husband of Laura, appears. He has killed Laura, and he knows that Charlie killed his wife, and he wants 50% of the money. They shoot it out, Lou gets killed, and Charlie ends up in the hospital.

Charlie then learns that Olivia’s body has been found, but that she changed her will, so that Charlie gets nothing. Victoria still wants to marry him, because he will soon be judge and maybe governor, and says “now we’re a team”! Charlie isn’t happy at all.