Submitted by Mark

Since the events of the first film, Deadpool/Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) has been spending his time bloodily killing crime gangs and drug cartels with the help of his taxi driver friend Dopinder (Blind Al) who has been considering entering the contract killer business (much to Deadpool’s chagrin). However Deadpool’s happiness comes to an end when his partner Vanessa (Morena Baccarin) is shot dead by the leader of one of the cartels in revenge before he himself is killed.

Unable to see a reason to keep on living, Deadpool decides to blow himself up. He succeeds but still lives, with his parts retrieved by Colossus (Stefan Kapii) and taken to the X-Mansion where he recovers and encounters Negasonic Teenage Warhead (Brianna Hildebrand) and her girlfriend Yukio (Shioli Kutsuna). Deadpool reluctantly agrees to join the X-Men as a trainee with their first assignment being to retrieve a boy called Russell (Julian Dennison) with mutant powers who is causing an incident at his school. Russell, who calls himself Firefists due to his ability to project fire from his hand, shows signs of being abused by the headmaster (Eddie Marsan) and the staff so Deadpool decides to screw the rules and shoots dead one of the men responsible. Colossus is disgusted and kicks Deadpool out of the X-Men, allowing him to be arrested along with Russell. The two are given collars to surpress their mutant powers and thrown in prison.

Now incarcerated, the hopeless situation is made worse as without his powers Deadpool’s cancer starts up again, although Deadpool just wants to die anyway at this point. Just then Cable (Josh Brolin) breaks in to kill Russell, as in the future Russell will kill Cable’s wife and daughter with Cable himself travelling back to prevent this. In the melee Deadpool’s collar breaks restoring his powers and he manages to save Russell (a vision of Vanessa telling him he must do so) and escapes, however Russell remains in the prison and makes it a point to befriend the most dangerous prisoner. Cable gets away having stolen Deadpool’s skeeball token (his only reminder of Vanessa) as a trophy.

Deciding to extract and protect Russell before Cable can get his hands on him, Deadpool puts together his own mutant team called X-Force. 

Unfortunately, in their attempt to release Russell while in transit to a new facility most of the team are messily killed due to their inepititude with the only survivor besides Deadpool being Domino (Zazie Beetz) whose mutant power of extreme good luck helps her take over the truck transporting the prisoner. Unfortunately Cable attacks allowing a disenchanted Russell to escape with his new friend who is none other than Juggernaut (rendered entirely in CGI). Russell heads to his school with Juggernaut intending to kill his headmaster. Cable tells Deadpool that Russell killing his headmaster will start him down a destructive path that leads him to killing anyone in his path. Deadpool negotiates with Cable and is allowed a chance to stop Russell through reason, on the condition that Cable will be allowed to kill Russell if he fails. Needing help, Deadpool appeals to Colossus for forgiveness.

Heading to the school, Russell cuts a swathe of destruction as Juggernaut tries to fight off the X-Force. Just as things start to go badly Colossus, Negasonic and Yukio turn up and use their powers to restrain Juggernaut. When Russell refuses to listen to Deadpool’s pleas, Deadpool proves how desperate he is by putting the surpression collar back on. When this also seems to fail, Cable takes a shot at Russell but Deadpool intercepts the bullet. After an extended goodbye and several fake-outs, Deadpool finally dies. Seeing that Russell will no longer become a killer, Cable uses the last of his time travel energy not to return home but instead goes back to the beginning of the fight and puts the skeeball token in the right place to deflect the bullet allowing Deadpool to live. Finally, the headmaster is killed after getting run over by Dopinder who is happy to finally have murdered someone. Cable decides to remain in the present for the time being, and the group head home with Deadpool noting that he’s formed a strange kind of family around him.

In a mid-credits scene, Deadpool has Negasonic and Yukio fix Cable’s time travel device and heads back to right some wrongs… first he goes back to save Vanessa, then saves one of the X-Force members from having his body dissolved by acid before heading into the events of X-Men Origins: Wolverine and killing the bastardization of his character from that film in front of a confused Logan (portrayed by Hugh Jackman in stock footage). Finally, Deadpool kills Ryan Reynolds before the actor can sign on to Green Lantern.