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A Star Wars Story

Qi’ra kills Dryden Vos, then abandons Han to return to Maul (formerly Darth), leader of Crimson Dawn. Han kills Beckett, gives the coaxium to the rebellion, and tracks down Lando with Chewie, where he wins the Millennium Falcon. Han and Chewie head for Tattooine.

Longer version:
Han and his girlfriend Qi’ra bribe an imperial guard to gain transport off Corellia, where they have been living a life of scavenging for nocturnal gangsters. Qi’ra is captured, but Han promises to return for her. In the hopes of fulfilling his lifelong dream of being a pilot, Han enlists in the Imperial navy, where he is given the surname Solo.

Three years later, on another world, Han is a deserter who links up with Tobias Beckett and his crew of scavengers looking to pull of a heist of Imperial coaxium (a compound that can be refined into hyperspace fuel). Beckett betrays Han to the stormtrooper lieutenant, who demands he be fed to the “beast” – a seven-foot-tall wookiee named Chewbacca. Han convinces Chewie that he can help him escape by breaking free, and the two join up with Beckett after he has a change of heart.

Beckett, his crew, Han and Chewie execute the heist of coaxium on the planet Vandor, but are ambushed by Cloud Riders, also interested in using the coaxium for their own plans against the Empire. This results in Beckett’s girlfriend and pilot being killed and the coaxium lost. Beckett reveals to Han and Chewie that they were stealing the coaxium for Dryden Vos, an operative for the criminal syndicate Crimson Dawn.
In traveling to meet Dryden Vos, Han and Qi’ra reunite, discovering that she has been working with Vos for Crimson Dawn, and is branded as a sign of loyalty to that cause. Han proposes a plan to steal unrefined coaxium from the planet Kessel and get it back, refined, and delivered. Dryden agrees to the plan, but only if Qi’ra goes with them. Qi’ra leads Han to meet Lando Calrissian, who Han nearly beats in a game of sabacc, except Lando cheats with a card up his sleeve. Lando agrees to make the Kessel run with Han, Chewie, Qi’ra, and Beckett. He brings along his trusty droid copilot L3-37. They fly there on his ship the Millennium Falcon.

On Kessell, the mission goes slightly awry when L3 removes a droid’s restraining bolt, setting off a chain reaction of droid’s becoming free and rebelling, causing a riot. Han, with the help of Chewie and another freed wookiee, manages to get the coaxium on the Falcon while under heavy fire from the mine guards. In the process, L3-37 is damaged beyond recovery, and dies in Lando’s arms on the ship. Han and Chewie pilot the Falcon through Kessel, and make it to the rendezvous planet Savareen in roughly 12 parsecs (“if you round down”). While the coaxium is being refined, Han and Qi’ra are confronted by Enfys Nest, the leader of the Cloud Riders. Lando abandons them with the Falcon. Enfys approaches in peace and tells them that the coaxium they are collecting is being used to power a fleet that will rise up against the Empire, unlike Crimson Dawn, who plans to use it for its own criminal purposes.

Han brings the coaxium to Dryden Vos, who was tipped off by Beckett that Han planned to give it to the Cloud Riders, but they don’t have it. Beckett double-crosses Vos by having Chewie take the Coaxium back to his ship. Han and Vos fight, ending with Qi’ra killing Vos. She tells Han to catch Beckett before he and Chewie leave the planet, and that she will be right behind him. Han leaves, while Qi’ra contacts the leader of Crimson Dawn, the believed-dead Maul (no longer Darth as only two there are). He commands her to meet with him, and she leaves alone on the ship that was Vos’s and now hers.

Han and Chewie track down Lando, where Han disables the card rail up Lando’s sleeve, which keeps him from cheating, enabling Han to win the Millennium Falcon fair and square. Han talks with Chewie about a job that Beckett had mentioned earlier involving a gangster on Tattooine. The two engage the hyperdrive and jump to lightspeed.