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Beth Cappadora (Michelle Pfeiffer) returns Ben to his adoptive father, against Pat’s (Treat Williams) wishes, causing a rift between the spouses. Vincent (Jonathan Jackson) sneaks out of the house, gets drunk and crashes the school principal’s car. He is locked up for the holiday weekend, and he and Beth finally heal some old wounds. Late one night, after Vincent returns home, he hears Ben playing basketball outside. He reluctantly goes out and plays with him, and discovers that Ben wants to move back, even though he admits he’s not sure it will work, but would like to try. In a tense moment, Vincent admits his guilt in Ben’s disappearance 9 year prior, saying, “I told you to get lost, and you did.” Ben acknowledges it, but does not blame him. Beth and Pat watch from the window, not caring that the kids may wake up the neighborhood.