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Short pooper:
Both McCabe (Michael Keaton) and Conner (Andy Garcia) survive their fall into the bay. McCabe gets to donate his bone marrow and save the life of Matt (Joseph Cross) and, also, manages to escape from returning to prison.


Longer version:

In retaliation for thwarting his plan of creating an explosive diversion to escape, despite the reluctant respect they had developed for each other, McCabe abducts Conner’s cancer-stricken son, Matt, and uses him as insurance to flee to the lower levels of the hospital. A brief scuffle ensues between the criminal and the boy, where Matt tries to kill him. Impressed by the kid’s bravery, McCabe releases him and escapes. He then steals a car and rushes away through San Francisco.

Both under the pressure of his career hanging by a thread because he has, by all accounts, aided and abetted a convicted murderer, and of saving his son’s life, Conner chases McCabe. Their chase leads them both all the way to a bridge. Conner’s superior, Capt. Cassidy (Brian Cox) intercepts them with a helicopter and a sniper, who shoots at them, wounding Conner. While McCabe attempts to make a run again, Conner refuses to let him go and injures him, sending him off the bridge and into the bay; he then jumps after, to save McCabe.

Recaptured, McCabe acquiesces and allows the bone marrow transplant to happen, which effectively saves Matt’s life and rejoices Conner -who, nonetheless, will likely be fired from the force, for his actions-. In the end, a guard comes to inform McCabe about the success of the operation but, as the gurney is brought upwards, McCabe gets the upper hand, disarms the guard and holds him at gunpoint, menacingly asking him what kind of car he drives, as the movie fades to black.

01 hours 40 minutes