Submitted by Jeremy

Gru and his family welcome Gru Jr to the household, but the baby isn’t so fond of his dad just yet. Complicating things is Maxime Le Mal, a villain with a grudge against Gru from their childhood who has broken out of prison with his girlfriend Valentina to seek revenge. Silas Ramsbottom puts Gru, Lucy, and the kids into witness protection, forcing them to move and change identities. Meanwhile, the Minions are turned into Mega Minions to stop any impending threats.

Maxime hates Gru because he stole Maxime’s chance to sing “Karma Chameleon” at their villain school’s talent show. He has used cockroach DNA to enhance his abilities, and he plans to kidnap Junior as part of his revenge scheme. At the same time, Gru is discovered by his teenage neighbor Poppy Prescott, an aspiring villain who wants Gru’s help with a heist, or she threatens to blow his cover. They go to the villain school to steal the mascot, Lenny the honey badger. Although successful, they are found out by Principal Ubelschlecht, who contacts Maxime since Lenny has a tracker on him.

Ubelschlecht attacks the family at home, but while she is defeated, Maxime and Valentina use the opportunity to kidnap Junior. Poppy helps Gru catch up to Maxime’s roach ship, but he has turned Junior into a human/roach hybrid to fight against his dad. Junior’s human side ends up winning, and he helps Gru defeat Maxime and Valentina.

The family returns home, and Gru makes it up to Maxime by putting on a performance of “Everybody Wants To Rule The World” at the Anti-Villain League prison, which is seen by all the previous villains in the series.

01 hours 35 minutes