Submitted by Julio M

Short pooper:
Sam’s (Allison Miller) pregnancy is the work of a demonic force, and she and her husband Zach (Zach Gilford) have been hounded and monitored, from the beginning, by sinister characters -their “Doctor” (Robert Aberdeen) included- who want Sam’s baby. They succeed in destroying the McCalls’ house, making Sam cut herself open -which kills her-, taking their baby away, and leaving Zach to be arrested and blamed for all the deaths and the apparent disappearance of the child. In the end, the taxi driver from the beginning of the movie (Roger Payano) is seen doing it all over again… WITH ANOTHER COUPLE, IN PARIS.

Longer version:
Zach comes to realize that, as Sam had warned him, they are being watched. He notices the cab driver from their honeymoon -the one who took them to that underground club where the mysterious ritual happened, earlier in the film- among the audience present in the footage of the Communion ceremony, which raises his suspicions. He visits the hospital Priest, who explains the strange repetitive symbol they have been seeing all along is a summoning for the Antichrist and that whoever is behind this will cover their house in ash to make it a gateway for its arrival.

When he returns home, Zach finds ash everywhere and chases off some men who were on the property. He asks Sam’s sister Suzie (Vanessa Ray) to watch her, while he goes to the abandoned property where these men came from. He sneaks in and finds CCTV cameras and recordings of his own house -which indicates they had been monitored this whole time-; he also finds the missing ultrasound from the visit where they met the strange Doctor. He then notices a group of people performing a sinister ritual -akin to the one performed upon them, earlier-, including the Doctor, the strange man always watching their place, and the one who was at the fortune teller’s -who happens to be the leader of this cult-. He is almost caught in the property and barely gets to make a run for it.

Suzie finds Sam carving the strange symbol into the floor and an unseen force attacks and kills her. Shortly after, Zach returns and notices masked men surrounding the house; inside, Sam can be heard screaming as the house is being shaken and ripped apart by the same unseen force. When he rushes upstairs, he sees Sam in an apparent trance, in the middle of the carved symbol, ready to cut her stomach open with the same knife she got at the baby shower; he pleads with her not to do it, but she does anyway and a strong light engulfs them. Zach passes out and wakes up, only to see Sam tearfully ask if her baby is ok before bleeding to death.

The cab driver and the Doctor arrive, demanding the baby. A distraught Zach begs them to leave, but the Doctor takes the baby from Sam’s body -which glows in an intense shade of red-, nonetheless. Before they go, they also remove all cameras and tapes. Thus, Zach is the one who takes the fall, being charged with the murder of Sam and Suzie and the inexplicable disappearance of the baby, while he uselessly claims innocence.

In the end, we see a young couple in Paris (Justyna Kelly, Shane Woodward) being lured by the same cab driver, as an indicator the cult needed another vessel to repeat their demonic ritual once again.

01 hours 29 minutes