Submitted by ND Woods

Turns out Moodley was used as a testing ground for a new kind of chemical/bio-warefare (disgused as detergent), which would replace armies in battle instead with hotile foes turning on each other. Sergeant Gavin Wright (Terry Stone), reveals moments before he’s killed along with Matt (Lee Ingleby) & Patrick (Keith-Lee Castle), with Banksy (Neil Maskell) turning up only to die soon after. Eventually Neil (Danny Dyer), Mikey (Noel Clarke), Vince (Stephen Graham) and Graham (Emil Marwa) finally manage to escape (with Graham in a disused shopping trolley) from this isolated village, still being pursued by still rather numerous female mutant locals.

Notable injuries & demises include; Split open head with an axe, Spine cut open/ripped out with shears (at the hands of Mikeys Nan), Impalements on a sword, Multiple stabbing with a twin set of scissors (thanks to a hairdresser), Beating with a golf club, Broken bottle in the chest, Golf ball in the eye, Electric carving knife in the neck followed by high speed hit and run and bog standard decapitation and point blank head shot.