Submitted by Julio M

Oscar nominee – Best Foreign Language film.

Both Sabina (Giovanna Mezzogiorno) and her brother Daniele (Luigi Lo Cascio) were carrying the painful burden of having been abused by their father as children.  She decided to travel to the U.S. and meet with him again to tell her about some recurrent nightmares, which were actually related to those unsavory incidents.  They let it all out, in favor of healing old wounds and making peace with the past.
After Sabina returns home, she, her husband Franco (Alessio Boni), her two friends Emilia (Stefania Rocca) and Maria (Angela Finocchiaro) -who became lovers shortly after Sabina went on the trip-, and the filmmaker, share some time together at a villa.  While there, Sabina tells her secret to Franco, and he also confesses his one-night stand with fellow actress Anita (Francesca Inaudi). 
Then, she unadvertently leaves and takes a train, where, suddenly, she goes into labor.  Eventually, the train is stopped and Sabina is driven to a hospital.  The others come to meet her after an extensive search.  Her baby is born alive and well, and she names him Daniele, as her brother.
The movie ends with a voice-over of a letter from Daniele, expressing his joy for her newborn son, while he is seen playing with his own eldest son, as an indicative that he has lost the fear to open himself to his children.