Submitted by Evil Ed

Groundbreaking practical dragon effects and very mature storytelling put this at the top of the list of dragon films.

Ulrich (Ralph Richardson) actually allowed himself to be stabbed by Tyrian (John Hallam), so that Galen (Peter MacNicol) can spread Ulrich’s ashes over a “lake of burning water”.

Galen realizes that the burning lake is in Vermithrax Pejorative’s lair. When the ashes are spread over the burning lake, Ulrich is reincarnated. Ulrich instructs Galen to destroy the magic amulet that Ulrich bequeathed to Galen “when the time is right”. Galen kills Tyrian during his vain attempt to rescue Princess Elspath (Chloe Salaman).

Ulrich battles Vermithrax. When Vermithrax grabs Ulrich in his claws, Galen crushes the amulet. Ulrich explodes, destroying Vermithrax.

Galen and Valerian (Caitlin Clark) head off together as the King (Peter Eyre) falsely proclaims that he killed the dragon. Galen wishes that they had a horse, and a horse appears.

01 hours 49 minutes