Submitted by Evil Ed

The contents of the case are five dildos. Each dildo was modeled from a public figure (a Supreme Court Justice, and a Fortune 500 exec, for example) who had a sexual encounter with Tiffany Plastercaster (an uncredited Molly Cyrus).

One of the dildos is molded from the penis of “family values” Senator Channel (Matt Damon) who has sent The Chief (Colman Domingo) and goons Arliss (Joey Slotnick) and Flint (C.J. Wilson) to retrieve the case.

The goons track down Jamie (Margaret Qualley) and Marian (Geraldine Viswanathan) to a hotel room in Tallahassee where Jamie has just finished pleasuring herself with the dildo from Senator Channel. The goons grab the case, the box with the head of The Collector (Pedro Pascal), and the girls and brings them to a back room of a dog track.

When the goons and The Chief discover that the Senator Channel dildo was left behind in the hotel room, an argument breaks out between Flint and Arliss and Flint shoots The Chief and Arliss dead. When Flint tries to shoot the girls, he finds that he is out of bullets and flees.

The girls escape, return to the hotel room, find the missing dildo, and blackmail Senator Channel to meet them at a lesbian bar with one million dollars in exchange for the case. When the Senator dons a ski mask and tries to retrieve the money outside the bar, he is shot by Sukie (Beanie Feldstein) who went to Tallahassee to give Margaret the dog they had co-owned before they broke-up.

The Senator’s reputation is ruined. The girls meet Aunt Ellis (Connie Jackson) and plan to drive to Massachusetts to get married, but they leave behind the bag with two copies of Senator Channel’s dildo that Jamie had made so both women could pleasure themselves. A bellhop (Josh Flitter) discovers the bag, but the women have already driven off.evil ed

01 hours 24 minutes