Submitted by Tornado Dragon

While the Genie is with Scrooge at the Archaeological Society’s annual ball, he notices that Merlock is present, so he gets onto the stage as Scrooge is making his speech on how he finally acquired Collie Baba’s treasure (thanks to him using his first wish) and pulls him away and warns him that his old master is here. Scrooge sees Merlock heading right for him and realizes that he is the one who first cheated him out of the treasure (only because he was trying to acquire the lamp from it, which Scrooge had already given to Webby), but the Genie urgently pulls him out of the hall and through the hotel the ball is being held at until he takes him into one of the guest rooms. The Genie then hides the lamp in the room’s chandelier and shrinks them both so they can fit inside of it, successfully throwing Merlock and his servant Dijon off their trail.

Once the antagonists have left the room, the Genie restores Scrooge to normal size, and he soon moans to Scrooge that he never asked for the life he lives and wishes that he could have a life of his own like Huey, Dewey, and Louie. When the Genie sees Merlock flying around outside in his eagle form, Scrooge has him go back into the lamp, but not before telling him that he is taking him back to his Money Bin, believing it to be the only safe place for him. After exiting the room, he turns around a corner and bumps into a room service table, causing the lamp to fall out of his coat. He then accidentally picks up a gravy boat that is identical in appearance to the lamp, and he runs back to his helicopter where Launchpad is waiting and has him fly him back to Duckburg. Merlock spots him departing and chases after him. Meanwhile, Dijon – having seen Scrooge leave the room – finds the lamp moments after Scrooge dropped it, and the Genie convinces him to keep the lamp for himself in order to avoid serving Merlock again.

When Scrooge arrives at his Money Bin, he discovers Dijon sitting in his office chair, and Dijon informs him that he doesn’t possess the real lamp and he used his first wish to gain ownership of his entire fortune. He then has Scrooge arrested and jailed for trespassing. Later on, his nephews, Launchpad, Webby, Mrs. Beakley, and Duckworth bail him out, and they tell him that Dijon has indeed gained control over his entire business enterprise. Huey, Dewey, and Louie state that they must find a way to sneak into the Money Bin and get the Genie back without triggering any of the alarms, which should be easy since Scrooge knows how to trip all of them and how to shut them off. Invigorated, Scrooge declares that they will conduct a full-scale invasion of the Money Bin. To that end, they cook up a plan where Scrooge will parachute down from Launchpad’s plane onto the roof and Huey, Dewey, Louie, and Webby will infiltrate the bin from the ground and deactivate the security systems. Though they achieve these steps of the plan, Merlock (in bug form) enters the Money Bin through the front door with the kids.

Scrooge breaks in and makes his way to his office door, and after the Genie sees him while Dijon’s back is turned, he keeps Dijon distracted so Scrooge can sneak up behind him and swipe the lamp. Unfortunately, Merlock has also reached the office, and he crawls up Scrooge and onto the lamp and transforms back into his regular self just after Scrooge gets it. He then dazes Scrooge before setting his talisman on top of the lamp to gain unlimited wishes once again, and he first has the Genie turn Dijon into a pig as punishment for his disloyalty. He then orders the Money Bin transformed into a nightmarish fortress before demanding to be returned to his homeland in it. As the fortress uproots itself and floats away, Scrooge physically threatens Merlock to put his Money Bin back where it was. Merlock responds by ordering the Genie to cast Scrooge off of the fortress, so the Genie creates heavy winds to blow Scrooge overboard.

As Scrooge is fighting to keep from falling off, Huey, Dewey, Louie, and Webby show up, and Huey uses his slingshot to fire a marble at the lamp to knock it out of Merlock’s grasp. Louie soon gets it and throws it to Scrooge, but he fails to catch it and both he and the lamp start falling to the ground far below. Merlock recovers his talisman and turns into a griffon and flies down after the lamp, and though the Genie tries to stop him, Merlock flings him away. Merlock reclaims the lamp seconds before Scrooge can, but Scrooge is able to get on Merlock’s back and strike the hand holding the talisman to make him drop it. Since Merlock’s powers are tied to it, he turns back to normal and falls to his doom. Scrooge grabs hold of the lamp, and the Genie tells him that he has to make a wish to avoid his own demise. Scrooge therefore uses his second wish to transport himself, his family, and his Money Bin safely back to Duckburg.

After he and his family rejoice over the sight of everything being back to the way it’s supposed to be, Scrooge realizes that he has one wish left, but says that he is going to stop all of this magic even if he has to wish for the lamp to be buried in the center of the Earth. However, he puts a stop to the magic in another way by wishing for the Genie to turn into a real boy. After the Genie transforms into just that, the lamp crumbles into dust, signifying that he is free. After giving Scrooge his deepest gratitude, the Genie runs off with the kids to play. However, when Scrooge attempts to have a victory swim in his money, he spots Dijon – now back to his old self – stuffing gold coins into his pants, and Dijon runs away with him in hot pursuit.

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