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Edgin (a bard – Chris Pine), Holga (a barbarian – Michelle Rodriguez), Simon (a sorcerer – Justice Smith), and Doric (a druid – Sophia Lillis) team up to bring down Forge Fitzwilliam (Hugh Grant), who double-crossed his teammates and used stolen riches to make himself Lord of Neverwinter and is keeping Edgin’s daughter Kira in his custody by making her think her father abandoned her for selfish reasons. In addition, Forge is working with Sofina, a Red Wizard who plans to turn the citizens of Neverwinter into undead slaves for her master, the lich Szass Tam.

With help from a Paladin named Xenk, the heroes find a magic helmet and a staff that allows them to break into Forge’s castle. They get captured and are put in the Highsun Games to avoid execution. While they escape and begin to make off with Forge’s riches (more of which were stolen from the Games’ attendees), Forge threatens Kira for them to give up, but they rescue her and steal Forge’s treasures. When they see Sofina setting her plan in motion, the heroes return to Neverwinter to fight her. They save the citizens by using the staff to spill Forge’s riches into the town for the people, and they battle Sofina before tricking her into wearing a magic-suppressing cuff that allows them to defeat her when Doric turns into an Owl-Bear to thrash the Red Wizard around before throwing her into a wall that crumbles and crushes her. Holga is mortally wounded in the fight, so Edgin uses the Tablet of Reawakening (which he had planned to use to resurrect his wife, Zia) to save her.

The heroes are rewarded for saving Neverwinter, while Xenk captures Forge and has him imprisoned.

02 hours 14 minutes