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Everything comes to a head at the Crystal Ball in the hotel: Robert fights and knocks out Lord Rutledge, and the latter is later arrested. Dunston causes a panic at the ball as Kyle is trying to get him away from Rutledge, and La Farge – the animal control officer Mrs. Dubrow hired to catch Dunston – tries to shoot him with a tranquilizer dart, but Kyle comes to Dunston’s aid and makes La Farge shoot the dart into the butt of suffering hotel guest Lionel. Dubrow then looks to harm Kyle, blaming him for Dunston being in the hotel, but Dunston returns the favor to Kyle by pushing her into the party cake.

Robert then appears and finally stands up to Dubrow by putting some cake in her face, and she fires him. When she then attempts to throw some cake at him in return, it hits Lionel instead. Lionel reveals to her that he is the critic for the La Monde Traveler Organization, and after all he has been through, he is downgrading the hotel to a one-star establishment. He then passes out from the tranquilizer, landing on top of her and sending her back into the cake.

Robert, Kyle, and Brian ultimately decide to keep Dunston, and Robert becomes the manager of a Majestic Hotel in Bali so Dunston can mingle with other orangutans. Lionel is later invited there to be given a better hotel experience, but Dunston – now with a mate and child – ends up dropping a coconut down onto his head.

On the day of the Crystal Ball in the hotel, Rutledge (Rupert Everett) tracks down Dunston to the Royal Suite, where Kyle (Eric Lloyd) and Brian (Graham Sack) have checked him into under a false name. He finds Kyle with Dunston, and he takes them both back to his room and binds and gags Kyle in the bathroom. Dunston soon tricks Rutledge into a sneak attack and then makes him think he ran out of the room, and once Rutledge leaves to look for him, he frees Kyle.

As Dunston then looks around for a place to hide, the dog of the animal control officer La Farge (Paul Reubens) scares him right into the ballroom as the Crystal Ball is in progress. As he hides in random spots, Kyle finds Brian and fills him in on Dunston and Rutledge, and shows him a photo he took from Rutledge’s trunk of Rutledge with Dunston and his brother Samson (it is implied during the film that Rutledge had killed Samson). They find their father Robert (Jason Alexander) and show him the picture and let him know of what Rutledge has already done, so he tells them to find Dunston and get him to their apartment while he sees to Rutledge. After getting confirmation from his dog that Dunston is in the ballroom, La Farge arms himself with a tranquilizer pistol and goes after him.

Robert spots Rutledge after he bags Dunston and corners him in the kitchen, but Rutledge picks up a knife and threatens Robert with it. Dunston gets loose from the bag and bops Rutledge on the head with a cooking pot, and Robert has Dunston run with Kyle and then he fights Rutledge, ultimately knocking him out after an assist from Brian. Meanwhile, Kyle tries to sneak to the apartment through the ballroom, but Dunston gets away and soon gets spotted by the partygoers. Mrs. Dubrow (Faye Dunaway) orders La Farge to shoot him, but Kyle comes to Dunston’s aid and makes La Farge shoot one of his darts into Lionel’s (Glenn Shadix) buttocks. Dubrow, blaming Kyle for bringing Dunston into the hotel, then tries to hurt him, but Dunston pushes her into the huge party cake.

She gets up and reaches for the tranquilizer pistol, but Robert finally stands up to her and stops her from getting it, then puts some cake in her face. She fires him, and as he walks away, she tries to hurl some cake at him, but it splats in Lionel’s face instead. He then informs her that he is the critic for the La Monde Traveler Organization, and after all of the negative incidents that he has experienced at the hotel, he is downgrading the place to a one-star establishment. He then passes out from the tranquilizer, landing on top of her and pushing her back into the cake.

Rutledge is arrested and taken away, and La Farge apologizes to Dunston for trying to hurt him, but Dunston smacks him in the face in response. Robert is properly introduced to Dunston, and though Kyle asks if they can keep him, Robert tells him that they cannot and that they must find another place for him to live.

The next day, Robert, Kyle, and Brian are packing their things in preparation for moving, and Kyle mentions that Dunston is set to be donated to a local zoo. Mr. Dubrow (Nathan Davis) then pays them a visit out of the blue, and he tries to convince Robert to stay with the hotel, but Robert refuses, wanting a less demanding job so he can spend more time with his sons. Mr. Dubrow tells him that he will see what he can do for him. Kyle then gets his attention and says that he has a friend who is sort of in need of a favor….

Some time later, Robert has become the manager of a Majestic Hotel in Bali, having kept Dunston but wanted to have him live with other orangutans. Lionel shows up as an invited guest of Robert’s, who is determined to give him the best hotel experience possible to make up for his prior disastrous experience. However, as Robert is going over how he intends to make Lionel’s stay a fabulous one, Dunston – situated in a palm tree above Lionel with his new mate and child – drops a coconut down onto Lionel’s head.