Submitted by Jeremy

Immediately after the death of Walter White and his escape from neo-nazi captivity, Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) is a fugitive for his involvement with Walt and the nazis. After getting help from his friends Badger and Skinny Pete (Matt Jones and Charles Baker), Jesse goes on the run to avoid authorities and get away to Alaska to start a new life.

Jesse goes to the apartment of one of his former captors, Todd, to find his hidden stash of money. Two associates of the nazis, Neil and Casey, come by and also look for the money. Seeing no other way out, Jesse shows them where the money is so they can split it. Jesse then goes to Ed Galbraith, whom he had originally sought to get him away from Albuquerque to escape the meth business. Jesse is short on the money for his services, so he figures he must get the rest from Neil and Casey.

After sneaking into his parents’ house to get two guns, Jesse locates the welding shop where Neil and Casey work. He asks for the money, but Neil challenges him to a duel when he spots Jesse’s gun. Jesse manages to kill both Neil and Casey before taking the money and then blowing up the shop to cover his tracks.

Jesse gets the money to Ed, who helps get him to Alaska where he can finally get a fresh start.