Submitted by Evil Ed

Khalil (Jonathan Avogdori) takes all of the stolen goods and drains all of the money from the bank account he shares with Youcef (Theo Rossi), after he learns that Emily (Aubrey Plaza) is still working with Youcef, and that there is security footage of Emily online after she committed credit card fraud at the same store twice in the same week (something Youcef specifically told her not to do).

Emily and Youcef make their way into Khalil’s safe house and during the resulting fight, Youcef is seriously hurt, but Emily uses a utility knife to stab Khalil.

They recover the stolen money, get into their car, but have lost the car keys. With the police arriving, Emily abandons Youcef.

Later, the police bust into Emily’s apartment, but she is gone. We see Emily drawing, enjoying the beach (presumably in South America), and setting up her own credit card fraud ring.

01 hours 37 minutes