Submitted by Tornado Dragon

On prom night, Matt (Michael DeLuise) breaks into Dave’s (Sean Astin) bedroom and finds the photos Dave took of Link (Brendan Fraser) before he thawed out, proving that Link was a caveman, but when he presents this evidence to the entire graduating class at the prom, they react with cheers and applause, much to his dismay. Dave and Stoney (Pauly Shore), who witnessed Matt making off with the photos, arrive there to get them back. Matt punches Dave down, and Link reacts by beating up and embarrassing Matt in front of everyone. Link then leads the entire grad class in a dance number.

The post-prom party goes on at Dave’s house, and Dave and his longtime love interest Robyn (Megan Ward) kiss. A short time later, Link and Stoney notice markings on the sliding door leading out to the backyard that indicate that a cavewoman is around. They follow the cave drawings and muddy footprints up to the upstairs bathroom, and find Link’s stone-age girlfriend (Sandra Hess) thawed out and taking a bath. Link and her joyfully hug, and he and Stoney get her all groomed and dressed up for her new life.