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Eric (Elias Koteas), the DJ at the Exotica stripclub, gets jealous of all the attention tax auditor Francis (Bruce Greenwood) is giving to the stripper Christina (Mia Kirshner), who is Eric’s ex-girlfriend.  In the washroom, Eric tells Francis to touch Christina during her dance (which is forbidden), which results in Francis being ejected from the club.

Francis sends Thomas (Don McKellar), the man he was auditing, to the club to find out what Christina thinks of the ejection (with the promise that Francis won’t reveal that Thomas is running a smuggling operation).  Christina tells Thomas that she and Francis had a special relationship, since he was coming to the club for comfort over the murder of his daughter years ago (which he was indited for, but eventually cleared).  Eric talks to Thomas in the washroom, where he reveals that he was Christina’s lover (which angers Francis, who was listening in).

Francis wants Thomas to return to the club and touch Christina, so Eric would kick him out as well and Francis would be waiting outside with a gun.  However, Eric, who was just fired from the club after he revealed to the manager that he told Francis to touch Christina, confronts Francis outside while he is waiting.  Eric reveals that he understands what Francis is going through, since he was the one that discovered the body of Francis’ daughter.  Upon hearing this, Francis hugs Eric.  Inside, when Thomas touches Christina, she just ignores it and continues her dance.

The final scene of the film is a flashback revealing that when Francis’ daughter was alive, Christina was actually her babysitter (making her relationship with Francis a more personal one than was known before).