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POOPER: (Thanks Rich!)
Barney Ross (Sylvester Stallone) isn’t dead.
Marsh (Andy Garcia) is the mole.

The Expendables return to stop a terrorist named Rahmat, working for another terrorist called Ocelot, from detonating a warhead in Russian waters that will cause World War III. Team leader Barney Ross appears to be killed during their mission to secure the warhead’s nuclear codes when Lee Christmas ended up trying to save him. Their boss Marsh takes Christmas off the team and assigns his ex-girlfriend Gina to lead the team.

Christmas tracks Gina’s whereabouts and teams up with a former ally of Barney’s named Desha to help find the ship transporting the warhead. The Expendables get captured since someone on their team is Ocelot and leaked their intel. Christmas kills Rahmat’s goons before freeing the team, where they kill more bad guys until Christmas and Rahmat fight, ending with Christmas putting a tomahawk in Rahmat’s chest.

Marsh ends up being Ocelot. Christmas gets the team off the ship and prepares to fight Marsh while going down with the ship to destroy the warhead. Barney ends up being alive after faking his death to draw out Ocelot, and he shoots Marsh to death and takes the ship down after saving Christmas so the warhead will explode underwater. The guys return home to celebrate with their team.

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