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When Emily (Phoebe Dynevor) gets promoted instead of Luke (Alden Ehrenreich), their relationship rapidly deteriorates.

Luke gives Emily a poor recommendation for a trade, and the hedge fund loses a bunch of money. Later, ignoring Luke’s insider information, Emily makes a subsequent trade, which earns the company much more money than she lost and results in her getting a bonus check for over half-a-million dollars.

As Emily’s star rises, Luke’s jealousy overwhelms him. When Rory (Sebastian de Souza) is canned, Luke pleads to Campbell (Eddie Marsen) for Rory’s job but is told someone more talented has already been hired. Luke and Emily have an enormous fight back at the apartment that they share, and Emily tells Luke that Campbell wants to fire Luke as well.

Luke shows up drunk at the office a few days later and crashes a meeting with some Russian investors that Emily is attending. Luke’s tirade gets him fired. Luke shows up at their “surprise” engagement party that night, still drunk, and accuses Emily of sleeping her way to the top.

Emily hits Luke in the head with a bottle and runs into the restaurant’s Ladies’ Room. Luke pursues her inside, they argue, and they begin to have sex. When Emily asks Luke to stop, he rapes her.

Emily covers her tracks professionally by telling Campbell that there never was any relationship between her and Luke. Campbell brushes off her concerns and recommends that she let HR handle the story.

When Emily returns to the apartment, Luke is there. Luke cooly tells Emily that the lease is broken, and he is packed and ready to move out. Emily becomes enraged, slashes Luke’s hand and arm with a carving knife, and demands that Luke kneel before her and apologize.

Sobbing, Luke complies. Emily drops the knife and emits a sigh of laughter.

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