Submitted by ND Woods

Jimmy Reed (Andras Jones) wasn’t behind any of the murders; Pinky Sears (Anthony Rapp) is. He killed Ferrell Hogus (because he was denied service) and Agnes Reed (Susan Tyrrell) (since he couldn’t come up with any rent) all to keep up the deception his mom’s still alive, he couldn’t handle losing her like she lost his military dad. When Charlie (Matt Frewer) & Joleen (Drew Barrymore) Cox’s try to hitch a ride with Amy (Jennifer Tilly) and Louise (Karen Austin). Pinky uses a remote controlled car to ignite gasoline leaking from their car, blowing up Amy, who’s still sitting inside it. After slitting Sheriff Bill Childers’ throat, he corners Joleen on top off a radio tower, distraught that Joleen can’t love him. Suddenly, Vietnam Vet Duckett (Richard Masur) shoots him in the thigh (with a rifle). In shock he looses balance, dangles precariously from an iron bar and despite Joleen reaching out to rescue him, his grip slips sending him plunging onto a satellite dish to be impaled on an antenna.