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Dom (Vin Diesel) finds his family torn apart by Dante Reyes (Jason Momoa), the vengeful psychopath son of the crime lord robbed and killed by the Toretto gang in Rio ten years earlier. He succeeds in turning Cipher’s men against her by taking their loved ones hostage, forcing her to fight them off and warn Dom. They are branded international terrorists after a bogus heist in Rome where the Vatican is almost blown up. Letty (Michelle Rodriguez)is arrested but helped by Tess (daughter of Mr. Nobody), while new director Aimes (Alan Ritchson) is after all of them. Roman gets himself, plus Tej, Ramsey and Han to London. Dom gets Jakob to protect Mia and Little Brian before escorting the boy back to Dom safely.

Dom gets help from Isabel (sister of Elena Neves) to track down Dante after he nearly kills her in a race. Dom gets arrested but gets intercepted by Dante on the bridge where the heist went down. Although Tess and Aimes help, Dante incapacitates them and steals God’s Eye from Tess to track down Little Brian. Dante kidnaps the boy, and Jakob sacrifices himself to kill Dante’s goons and help Dom.

Dom saves his son but Dante is working with Aimes and shoots down the plane carrying the rest of the gang. The dam Dom and Little Brian are in is rigged to explode with them in it. Letty and Cipher end up working together and meet with a totally alive Gisele. Dante then sets his sights on Hobbs, who is ready for him.

02 hours 21 minutes