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Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan) wants to win Anastasia Steele (Dakota Johnson) back, despite knowing he hurt her last time. He negotiates with her to be less controlling in their sexual relationship. Ana takes him back and develops genuine romantic feelings for him.

The couple is threatened by Leila Williams (Bella Heathcote), a former submissive of Christian’s who remained obsessed with him. Christian has her sent to a psych ward after Leila enters Ana’s home with a gun. There is also Jack Hyde (Eric Johnson), Ana’s boss who tries to seduce her but gets fired from his job as a result. Finally, there is Elena Lincoln (Kim Basinger), the woman who took Christian’s virginity and introduced him to BDSM.

After Christian goes missing when his helicopter crashes on his return from a business trip, Ana worries with his family until he shows up at home safe and sound. Ana realizes she has strong feelings for Christian and accepts his marriage proposal.

When the couple announce their engagement, Elena accuses Ana of being a gold digger. The couple plus Christian’s mom Grace all turn Elena away. It also appears that Jack is out for revenge against Christian.