Submitted by Angela

Nick and Shawn manage to wrangle their way out of football camp and into cheer camp with the express plan of making out with as many beautiful women as possible for two weeks before skipping the final competition and going to the big football party.

They’re incredibly successful in this goal until Shawn starts to fall for their own captain, Carly, and Nick becomes preoccupied with the female coach, Diora.

Meanwhile Carly’s college freshman boyfriend, ‘Dr. Rick’ shows up and Shawn and Nick overhear him telling his friends how he’s cheating on her but acts dedicated when she’s around. The boys decide not to bail on the competition after all, but on the day that they were going leave, Dr Rick plans to expose them in order to get rid of the competition. He shows the girls the bus tickets to leave town and pulls out Nick’s diary and starts to read passages of it full of poetry dedicated to Diora, who finally shows an interest in him after hearing it.

The boys leave camp after all to go to the party only to realize that wild drunken parties just aren’t fun anymore. Nick has actually developed meaningful friendships with these girls, and both have discovered that they like cheering.

They head back to camp just in time to help out in the big competion. In the middle of it Carly spies her boyfriend making out with the captain of their rival squad “The Panthers” and Shawn convinces her to let the squad try the incredibly dangerous (and thus forbidden) Fountain of Troy. The fountain formation shocks the crowd but Shawn falls off the mat into the water while finishing. He’s fine but with the subtracted points for performing a forbidden move, the team doesn’t even come in the top 10. Carly declares that they’ll do better next year and breaks up with Rick. Diora pulls Shawn aside and tells him to meet her that night and to bring his diary, and one of the squad attacks the leader of the Panthers breaking their cool and scaring them away.